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TOEFL® Junior Projects in Brazil, Chile

ETS Country Master Distributors in Brazil and Chile are moving quickly to make TOEFL® Junior the premier English language assessment for young people in their countries with the acquisition of key projects.


TJR Testes Internacionais – Eireli (UP Language Consultants) has been diligently growing the TOEFL Junior test throughout Brazil. By integrating the program into large, quality schools, the team is steadily building awareness for the program. They have recently piloted TOEFL Junior with the Manchester and Chelsea football clubs’ exchange programs that invite Brazilian students to study English and futebol in England at the famous ball clubs. UP achieved a milestone in November and December by surpassing monthly test administrations for the exam:  nearly 2,000 total tests administered in just two months. UP is already predicting similar, if not better, monthly figures during 2013.


Chile’s Seminarium Certificacion is piloting a project whereby students participating in a Ministry of Education exchange program in New Zealand take TOEFL Junior as a placement test, and upon their return from New Zealand, take TOEFL Junior again.  The government seeks to measure the impact of studies abroad on student’s knowledge of English, and want to use TOEFL Junior as the preferred measurement tool.


ETS congratulates our colleagues in Brazil and Chile in achieving these milestones for the TOEFL Junior Program. We are looking forward to more successes in 2013!



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