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Sanako Pronounce

Sanako Pronounce is the software designed to improve the pronunciation skill, which was developed by Sanako, Finland – one of the leading education organizations in the world.

Special features of Sanako Pronounce:

-       Sanako Pronounce can transform any text material from books, internet or any other sources into the audio and phonetics automatically by using the latest and highest Text to speech technology.

-       Sanako offers premium voices with authentic accents in the following languages: English (UK), English (US), English (Aus)…

-       Listen to a phrase, read the text and phonetics and then simply record yourself. Sanako Pronounce will automatically compare your recording with the original and give an assessment on your accuracy, highlight any errors and allow you to repeat the exercise if required.

-       Sanako Pronounce can be installed easily on individual computers, helping the users practice whenever and wherever.

-       The software can adjust recording speed and level according to user’s skill level.


While Sanako Pronounce is a stand-alone solution for pronunciation practice, Sanako Pronounce Classroom is a combination of the pronunciation tools of Sanako Pronounce and automatic monitoring, evaluation and collection features for the teacher. The new Pronounce Manager application will allow teachers to connect and control a number of Pronounce applications. In addition, teachers can also collect and save student’s recording.

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(Trial version will expire after 7 days without full features)



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